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Red Scarf

what is integral?

INTEGRAL is the film production division of NOT ENOUGH KNIFE, and the foundations on which the company was built.

Seeking boundless, creative excellence, INTEGRAL continues to push forward, developing with each project, both technically and thematically. Refusing to force an idea, or to be crumpled by the pressure of time, our films are organically conceived, bearing the weight of authentic emotive influence, and are executed with precision, and purpose.

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'RETROSPECTION' Official Poster



'nature, poetry, love, the end of the world...'

stand perfectly still; watch the world wrap around you. she is such a beautiful place -

and when things begin to falter and melt and crack and bend, through uncertain moments, 

nature reclaims that beauty - every single time.

Based on the poem 'Broken Pylons', and scored by Lamorran Trevenna, 'RETROSPECTION' looks back, surmises select moments in Matthew W.F. Senior's history up to this point, says thankyou to the most important people, and says goodbye to those whom we lost along the way. This picture is available to view for free on VIMEO.


Read the creative synopsis HERE.


Directed / Written / Edited / Shot / Sound Design By: Matthew W.F. Senior 

Score: Lamorran Trevenna, Matthew W.F. Senior


goya Official Poster

goya (2019)

"I can feel it. I can dream."

trapped in this moment. forever,

'goya' is a poetic-experimental short film, which Matthew W.F. Senior began creating at the age of nine. Released as a social experiment to merge the boundaries between reality and fiction - between film and realism - this film is a cleansing... it acts as the metaphorical end to "Matt Senior" - the billing credit, the mental state, the emotional ties, the associations - allowing him to fully transition into "Matthew W.F. Senior", and leave his depressed psyche behind him. This picture is available to view for free on VIMEO.


william. Still
2019 Version Official Poster (REDUCED FILE SIZE).jpg

william. (2017, 2019)

'memories are forever.'

"I can't come back - If you could see the view of Earth from up here, you wouldn't want to either."


Written & Directed by Matthew W.F. Senior, 'william.' is a non-fictional eulogy film capturing the essence of his grandfather. This project sees William Henry Senior looking back at his life, and understanding how the world has changed around him. 

Originally based on the poem 'Home of Cold Rock', this project evolved into a "living photograph", so that William can be immortalised forever in the world of film. This is a very personal film, depicting William Senior as accurately as possible - from mannerisms, music choices and dialogue, to events depicted, hobbies, photographs and memories.  All photographs and flashback clips are authentic. From executive producer Daniel Lyle (The Boy Who Commits a Murder), this picture is free to view on VIMEO. It also has a physical BLU-RAY release. View exclusive images HERE.

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