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'memories are forever.'
Written & Directed by Matthew W.F. Senior, 'william.' is a non-fictional eulogy film capturing the essence of his grandfather. This project sees William Henry Senior looking back at his life, and understanding how the world has changed around him.


Available un-signed, or as a limited signed edition. The limited edition is signed on the front cover with a silver sharpie by: Matthew W.F. Senior, William Henry Senior, Daniel Lyle, Jack Ide, James 'Jimmy' Vowden.

'william.' Blu-ray

  • ➤ Runtime: 22 Minutes
    ➤ Colour: Yes
    ➤ Subtitles: No
    ➤Bonus Features: A short film ('free') and an audiobook ('I LOVE YOU') - both created by Matthew W.F. Senior.

    © NEK PICTURES, a division of NOT ENOUGH KNIFE, LTD.

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