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Black Water

broken pylons (2018)

By Matthew W.F. Senior

Diary entry: "broken pylons". Oct. 05, 2020 - m x

two years ago,


this is where your children played,

before the poison chipped away,

now the sky is still; the air is grey...

and there were pools of colour, but it drained away...

and there were threads of light - but it quickly frayed...

now, afraid, in your own dismay,

trapped in our wall, how soon we fall,

sharing stories, tall, of another place,

squeeze glass edge,

seldom pray...

whilst perched in distance, mocking jay,

the broken pylons look on - they say:

"you could have listened prior to the plague...

our perfect planet's worst mistake",

but each moment's passed (and that's okay),

genocide... her intrinsic escape,

self aside, we don't decide,

and the air hardens without delay,

and we rot... decay,

and our lungs flood,

and our persons divide,

and we achingly fade (we achingly fade), and then...


the gutted earth, may try again.


stand perfectly still; watch the world wrap around you. she is such a beautiful place - and when things begin to falter and melt and crack and bend, through uncertain moments, nature reclaims that beauty - every single time.

"based on the poem 'broken pylons', written by myself, RETROSPECTION is not only a portrait exhibiting a stark contrast between now and then; between words and pictures - above all else, this is acting as a gateway, invaluably thanking the exceptional individuals who used up a part of their limited time to shape my story. with this picture, i aimed to translate light, and to reveal little pockets of memories framed by trees and cherry blossoms, encouraging us to cherish time… to appreciate the forests and the sun flares… to reminisce, and to seek tranquility amid chaos. there's this intrinsic, unstoppable magnetism between destruction and correction. sometimes, things happen without reason, and one day, we will look back at 2020, and wish that we had it that good. when you seek trouble, you find it every, single time - as voices pour into silence, colours are amplified, and forgiveness is calcified - the future is now, and we are our children. we absolutely cannot let ourselves recede into the celestial tapestry. without question, time is an infinite, endless loop of repeated learning... i was always frustrated with how some things weren’t instant - but i learnt to be patient, and calm, so now i understand that time, united with hard work, is essential to a deserving, well-earnt pay off.

our world is all we have.

lay with me, still, on a field of grass, beneath swaying branches. staring into the sky, reflect, and tell me the story of how you ended up here, now, with me."

all love,

- m x

'Broken Pylons' was written in 2018, and details the end of the world, which takes place in 2020.

In 2020, it was used as the backdrop for the short film 'RETROSPECTION'.

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