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PROSPERITY is the record label division of NOT ENOUGH KNIFE.

Firmly believing that music is one of the most powerful tools of association, we strive to provide you with honest, conceptual, awe-inspiring moments, which allow escapism, reflection, and ultimately, reminiscence. Arguably, sound is the most accessible form of art, as well as the most compact - as a result, we tirelessly aim to create deeply powerful moments, which not only paint vibrant sonic pictures, but truly allow the listener to transcend, connect and empathise.

Albums, EPs, singles, scores, audio mixing, soundtracks, audiobooks, mixtapes - and, ultimately, radio playlists - we've got you covered. Signing only the most dedicated, selfless creators, who utilise music as a platform to translate their personal experiences into authentic stories, we possess an immeasurable need to resonate with your subconscious, permeate memories, and become the soundtrack to your life. We invite you to swim through our sound-waves.


Spirit Lamorran Trevenna

automatic tuning Cover

automatic tuning Matthew W.F. Senior

My debut project is a concept ep – it tells the genuine story of a robot that makes a calculated decision to feel human emotion, and the ultimate regret of this decision. These emotions were drawn from my own personal life. Essentially, the robot is a fictionalised version of myself, chronicling falling in love with, and separating from, the most beautiful girl in my world - m x

Medicine Artwork

Medicine Lamorran Trevenna

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