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Senior is a creative director and multi-media producer, born in Plymouth, England. He is the founder of NOT ENOUGH KNIFE, the art studio under which he releases music, film and fashion. Utilising art as a tool to translate dreams, thought and emotion, with a goal of inspiring and connecting with others, Senior covers a wide variety of mediums - from film, literature, and sound design, to graphic design, fashion and music - whilst maintaining integrity throughout. Believing that innovation and authenticity, combined with nostalgia, is essential, Senior is a poet, storyteller and perfectionist, employing his previous work as guidelines to build upon.


"Picking up a camera at the age of nine, I immediately become fascinated with the idea of altering the landscape of film, which has since evolved into a deep desire to affect a wide range of audiences across a scope of creative mediums. Whilst refining my skills and developing a unique aesthetic style, I have succeeded, failed and persevered when a task appears impossible - but I never give up, and I will never stop endeavouring to learn.  A perfectionist at heart, I accept nothing but the best that I can achieve - which I now know is limitless; a constant stream. I thrive off of setting myself goals, and mastering the skills required to execute them; I strive to become the best version of myself. My first goal was to create a feature film which would be globally distributed before I was 18 years of age, which I succeeded in (‘The Boy Who Commits a Murder’). My second goal was to create a film which captured my grandfather’s life - a living photograph - which I have achieved (‘william.’) Other goals have included: Creating a high-quality clothing line, building a company with integrity and clear objectives, recording a concept EP, and more. In 2019, I created a short film that was realistic to the point of it transcending film completely ('goya'). Looking forwards, my ultimate goals are to continue carving my own distinctive path, whilst remaining true to myself, and challenging existing boundaries, to ensure that culture continues driving forwards in a positive manor, and to guarantee that true creators realise their full potential. Asides from personal goals, my additional achievements include: obtaining a black belt in ju-jitsu, reaching grade 3 at playing the keyboard, achieving an A* in a-level photography and achieving a distinction in BTEC drama. Furthermore, I have collaborate with an Emmy Award winning author D.M. Larson, I have a driving license, I'm ordained, I am the founder and creative director of a registered art studio based in Plymouth and Kensington (NOT ENOUGH KNIFE LTD), which includes a record label division (NEK Records), a film production division (NEK Pictures) and a fashion line, and I have earnt over 30 qualifications from numerous prestigious universities and establishments around the world."





​➤ Track 5 (Official Music Video)

​➤ Rainbows + The Still Now (Publishings)


➤ Kindred (Short Film, Special Thanks, Directed by Andrew-Lee Potts)

➤ "movement" + "live" + "the end" (Publishings)

➤ goya (Short Film)

➤ automatic tuning (EP)

➤ Season 1 (Clothing Line)

➤ 'william.' (Short Film)

➤ HOME (Installation Piece)


➤ I LOVE YOU (Publishing + Audiobook)

➤ F R E E (Short Film)

➤ Broken Pylons (Poem)


➤ Home of Cold Rock (Poem)


➤ The Operator (Short Film)

➤ Harsh Reality: Flashback + 35mm Church (Photoshoots)

➤ One Step Beyond - The Demo Tape (Executive Producer, EP)

➤ The Boy Who Commits a Murder: The Motion Picture Soundtrack (Score Album)

➤ The Boy Who Commits a Murder (Feature Film)



➤ A-level Photography (A*)

➤ BTEC Performing Arts (Distinction)

➤ BA (HONS) Film & Screen Arts (2:2)

➤ GCSE Performing Arts (A)

➤ GCSE English Language (B)

➤ GCSE English Literature (B)

➤ GCSE Computer Science (B)

➤ GCSE Resistant Materials (B)

➤ EPQ Film Production (B)


➤ Ju-Jitsu (Black Belt Diploma)
➤ Keyboard (Instrument) (Grade 3)
➤ Storytelling In Advertising (D&ad)
➤ Fotonow Film Courses (Completed X2)
➤ The Business Of Film (The Open University)
➤ Ordained Minister (Universal Life Church)
➤ Start Writing Fiction (The Open University)
➤ Community Journalism (Cardiff University)
➤ Improving Your Image (University Of Birmingham)
➤ Introduction To Journalism (University Of Strathclyde)
➤ Ww1 Heroism: Through Art And Film (University Of Leeds)
➤ Culture In The Digital Age (European University Institute)
➤ Physical Theatre: Exploring The Slap (University Of Leeds)
➤ Commercial Photography (Norwich University Of The Arts)
➤ Unlocking Film Rights (Creative Skillset & Bafta Research)
➤ An Introduction To Screenwriting (University Of East Anglia)
➤ Teaching Literacy Through Film (The British Film Institute)
➤ Explore Filmmaking (National Film And Television School)
➤ Digital Storytelling (University Of Birmingham & Bbc Academy)
➤ Transmedia Storytelling (Sungkyunkwan University (Skku))
➤ Visual Effects For Guerrilla Filmmakers (Norwich University Of The Arts)
➤ 3D Graphics For Web Developers (Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona)
➤ From Notation To Performance: Understanding Musical Scores (The Open University)
➤ Pictures Of Youth: An Introduction To Children's Visual Culture (University Of York)
➤ Film Production: Behind The Scenes Of Feature Filmmaking (Creative Skillset & The Production Guild Of Great Britain)


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