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NOT ENOUGH KNIFE, founded by Matthew W.F. Senior in 2014, is a quality-driven, multi-platform venture, born out of Kensington.


As a versatile art studio working to develop high-quality and original ideas, with dedicated production company, record label, photography, literature, fashion house and gallery divisions, we strive to conceptualise, produce and achieve the most authentic array of projects: film; music; photographs; writing; clothing; digital art - and we're just getting started. As a collective, we possess the motivation required to transform our emotions, dreams and ideas into stunning reality - with integrity at our core.

Creating film, crafting stories and capturing ourselves through music is about so much more than picking up a camera. Or an instrument. Or even generating revenue. It's about individuality. It's about understanding, connecting, and conveying an authentic body of work, through genuine inspiration & dedication. We will never prioritise profit over compassion or artistic vision.


We hope you enjoy exploring our website.


Art Gallery

Striving to create an original, engaging and thought-provoking blend of visual art, wearable art and sonic pallets, which inspire a wide variety of individuals, cultures and communities, whilst simultaneously providing a platform for individuals to connect emotionally and psychologically, we look forwards, whilst drawing emotive elements from our past. We aim to embody love and compassion. We are the future.

NOT ENOUGH KNIFE is an innovative, cutting-edge art studio, working to develop affecting, powerful and formula-challenging films (of both short and feature length), in addition to literature, music, imagery and apparel. We yearn to provide our audience with not only a new, engaging, and challenging user-friendly experience, but with something that they will connect with and appreciate - we are the only company to put an equally high-standard of focus into clothing, music and film, the three biggest consumer-based art forms, all under one roof: clothing is tangible; music is the most accessible form of art and film has the most dedicated fan-bases - and we have a deep desire to blend all of these art-forms into a single family, accompanied by outstanding customer support, without boundaries and with an endless fountain of creative freedom. There is a direct correlation between art and escape, and we relent in the endless pursuit of bridging that gap...

Within our films & music, we refuse to be fixed to one particular genre, as we believe that diversity is essential - experimentation is key if you intend to develop, and find yourself. Our work is frequently based around dreams, and is the consequence of genuine feeling. As we grow, we intend to become a staple platform, showcasing quality work, from a variety of artists, bringing people together, taking risks and providing a multitude of creative opportunities along the way. Eventually, we plan to branch into sculpture - one of the ultimate expressive goals, as well as a genre-less / host-free radio station.



Our mission, and the mission of our creative director, is to change the way that people perceive art - today, and for decades to come. The artifacts which we leave behind are imperative for both the conservation of our memory, and the development of future generations. It's so exciting... People who are decades away from life, are arguably the most important, continuing our expansive, endless absorption of knowledge; what we leave behind today will determine the influence which is held over not only our future, but the future of the world's entire ecosystem. Our legacy supersedes us, as well as our flaws, and so long as authentic work is produced, even when technical ability accelerates (and these artifacts are vaulted), that genuine emotion is timeless, transformative and true. Tangents are only a sign of genius if not self indulgent, and we fully believe that the most important thing, right now, is to inspire and connect with those who are yet to be - to ensure planetary sustainability, freedom, general lifestyle enjoyment (during our brief, empowering stay), and excellence - creative & social. Catch a glimpse of what is to come, and smile.


Remaining true to ourselves, without altering a single belief in relation to monetary gain, popularity or social pressure, integrity is our core value - we follow our gut, trusting in the process, producing only work which feels both inspired and genuine. Additionally, our entire team are perfectionists, who work together effectively and efficiently. We pride ourselves in knowing that we create honest art - captivating and engaging - whilst working in harmony throughout. Finally, all profits go back into the company for future endeavors.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to leave feedback. Every comment is vastly appreciated.


Making Music

  • To produce memorable, authentic and original creative arts projects, which resonate with and/or affects the audience

  • To produce films and literature that allow the audience to connect with the characters

  • To manufacture clothing which allows people to express themselves

  • To create moments which will eventually be reflected upon in a nostalgic way

  • To always remain true to ourselves, producing only genuine, integral work, with maximum effort, to the best possible standard

  • To shape and inspire culture and individuals

  • To be innovative without exception

  • To fuel the motivation which leads to a healthy, prolonged life


As an independent company, we know how hard it can be getting your creative endeavours noticed, and to find your footing. As a result, we offer multiple services including:

  • Script proof reading

  • Music, film and game feedback

For either of these services, send us an email via the CONTACT page.


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