This film is inspired by true events. Senior says that "this film was not inspired by one single event, instead multiple events that I witness every day in the news, around me and through stories I hear. Although what you watch is a film, every single event you see really is happening somewhere in the world." This film is created with fast cuts, gritty low-lit scenes, and a variety of shot styles to give the film a candid, authentic appearance.

With a run time of forty three minutes, this project is the debut feature film from Matt Senior, who began production aged sixteen. The goal was to create a film reflecting his emotions at the time - as a way of physically representing himself, and his thoughts, as a creative process - without boring audiences. The film was released by Amazon on DVD and Amazon Prime in 2016 throughout the UK, USA, Germany and Japan.

​A Blu-ray was later released. Be sure to visit the official IMDb page for all information and trivia.


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Critic Reviews

"You can really tell that a lot of love and effort has been put into creating the film...the effects were very complete a forty-five minute film that isn’t just “two people talking in one location” is very impressive...what it does have is a young and hungry filmmaker at its helm gaining more and more experience through creating. It will be very interesting to watch his skills as this storyteller grows. If he continues to, he could become something very special."


"As I was watching it I was surprised, I definitely got more than what I bargained for...this is a chilling piece of drama and some scenes in the film will be stuck in my head for how violent they are...this film surprised me on so many levels, for such a small budget, Senior managed to make something great and he should be proud of it...Senior is a director that you should look out for, watch this film, it'll tell you why...I'm looking forward to what he does next...I was impressed, I thought the script was well written and the acting by Senior himself was great. I appreciate all the effort that went into this film...if you're an aspiring filmmaker or writer I urge you to watch this film and examine for yourself because this film can make you wonder. A film limited in terms of it's budget but never a limit to it's quality. Senior is a director to look out for in the future. Watch this film, it'll tell you why."


"Senior's narration is terrific. It's consistently strong throughout the entire movie and had that Ewan McGregor vibe from TRAINSPOTTING. I'm not worried about writer/director Matt Senior. He's gotten past the hard part of finding his footing and he has too much passion and drive not to keep making films. I will certainly be watching with interest."