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Founded by Sam Ord-Houghton and Matt Senior

Close friends since childhood, Ord-Houghton and Senior have been creating home movies since the age of ten. Inspiring Senior to act, Ord-Houghton grew up on the stage - now, both involved with NOT ENOUGH KNIFE, they have developed a professional edge that only grows, pushing forward the integrity of each film that they produce.


In 2016, Ord-Houghton became unsure of his future in acting, and so decided to drop out - in turn, MAStudios was shelved. However, Senior later convinced him to continue, and he has since appeared in 'The Boy Who Commits a Murder', 'The Operator' and 'goya.' Ord-Houghton became so inspired by these films, that he decided to pursue a career in acting once again, asking Senior if he could be 'Samuel L. Jackson to your Quentin Tarantino'. Ord-Houghton signed onto an acting agency in 2017, and MASTUDIOS is flourishing.


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