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M.A.D Productions

Founded by Matt Senior and Dan Lyle


Close friends from a young age, ​Senior and Lyle have been avidly watching a range of films and creating amateur shorts since 2012. Eventually, Senior created NOT ENOUGH KNIFE, and Lyle became the first person to be invited to become a part of the project. Now, they share creative ideas and have transformed into filmmakers with high standards - standards which develop with each project.


In 2015, Senior contacted Emmy award winning author D.M. Larson, asking to produce a short film based on Larson's monologue 'Never Touch', and recruited Lyle as executive producer. At the time, this was a big step for the two of them, as they had been producing YouTube comedy shorts for two years. 'Never Touch' marked the start of professionalism, and although unreleased, a positive screening at a local school enthused Senior to move away from 'subjective' comedy, in order to venture down a more dramatic path. Now, the two have found their footing, and have a clear direction for the future of their films.


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