M.A.D Productions

Founded by Matt Senior and Dan Lyle


Close friends from a young age, ​Senior and Lyle have been avidly watching a range of films and creating amateur shorts since 2012. Eventually, Senior created NOT ENOUGH KNIFE, and Lyle became the first person to be invited to become a part of the project. Now they share creative ideas, and have transformed into filmmakers with high standards - standards which develop with each project.


In 2015, Matt Senior contacted Emmy award winning author D.M Larson to produce a short film based on a monologue titled 'Never Touch', and recruited Lyle as executive producer. At the time, this was a big step for the two of them, as they had been producing YouTube comedy shorts for two years. 'Never Touch' marked the start of professionalism, and enthused Senior to move away from comedy and venture down the dramatic path. Now, the two have found their footing, and have a clear direction for the future of their films.