By Matthew W.F. Senior

If you never tell a man he needs air to breathe...

what would he do in space?

He would inhale, exhale,

and continue to survive.

There is a man who lives on the moon.

He can’t breathe, but he’s alive as he believes.

Surrounded by cold and harsh dense rock,

He considers his old Earth, and moving turf.

He misses the people, the birds, the bees.

Loathes the masses of people,

The birds that die, the bees which vanish,

(we don’t know why).


The anger and aggression,

Causing tear suppression,

And the people who argue, shoot the birds,

And shake the trees to scare the bees.

The world we inhabit we label our home.

Though we bombard each other,

Abort mistakes, make up a father;

We always feel alone.

The attention we crave leads to mobile attraction,

Social deprivation,

Lack of action.

Saying we will, though never will we,

Too busy being human, by shaking the tree,

Scaring the bees, killing the birds,

Threatening a war: World War III.

Racial, feminist, plastic, liars.

Fabricated facades, enforcement, priers.

But the man on the moon does not know of sadness.

He’s forgotten he badness of living on Earth:

Constant texting, Rape, Murder before birth.

Naively destroying the home they call ‘Earth’,

Home is supposed to be a place of social mobility,

Warmth and love,

As well as tranquillity.

The man is no longer involved with racial hatred,

Threat of destruction,

Chaotic madness.

His surroundings of rock, which are harsh,

The cold he feels, the endless dark,

He appreciates, and that matters to him,

No matter what others vocally spark.

Although he often feels trapped and sad,

It’s okay; it’s not all bad.

And although he often feels alone,

He respects where he lives, and, unlike you,

Earned the right to call it his home.

Jealousy would cause most to seethe.

Luckily for the man,

He was never told he needs air to breathe.

This poem was written over the course of one year, and went on to become the backdrop for the short film 'william.' An honest insight into the views and opinions of Senior himself, 'Home of Cold Rock' is a very personal poem.