'One Step Beyond - The Demo Tape' is Out Now

'One Step Beyond - The Demo Tape' is out now on all platforms, including: Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and more. The physical copy is excusive to Amazon.com.

'One Step Beyond - The Demo Tape' is a collection of six tracks recorded by Kyle Staff whilst producing his original score to the independent motion picture 'The Boy Who Commits a Murder'. The titular track 'One Step Beyond' was intended to be the films main theme, though ironically was the only track from the recording sessions to not be featured in the final film.

All tracks from 'One Step Beyond - The Demo Tape' are also featured on 'The Boy Who Commits a Murder: The Official Score', which is exclusive to SoundCloud and our official website .

credits Written/Performed By: Kyle Staff Mastered By: Matt Senior Produced By: NEK Records + Not Enough Knife